As we know, waste management is a concern for households and businesses. Every day, there is an accumulation of some form of waste that needs to be effectively disposed of. In addition, on a daily basis, significant amounts of waste are produced and collected by trade and industrial sites. Often, this includes a variety of types that require both collection and disposal. Therefore, different waste management strategies must be implemented, given the varying nature of commercial waste. This ensures that the waste is handled in the most efficient and practicable way possible.

Waste management is an essential issue for commercial and industrial organizations. Being aware of the various types of waste management is crucial for both collecting and disposing of waste materials in a responsible manner. From recycling to composting, several waste management solutions available can be used to help manage your business's waste efficiently and effectively.

  • Recycling

  • Organic waste & composting 

  • Waste to energy (WtE), for example, converting non-recyclable waste items like oils or fats into usable energy or fuel. 

  • Solid waste recycling. (Glass, cardboard, and certain types of plastic are repurposed into new items) 

  • General Waste is non-hazardous or unrecyclable products and substances that can only be sent to landfills. Domestic households typically have their general waste collected by their local authority. In contrast, businesses or commercial sites might need to meet specific criteria to be eligible for the same service. Unfortunately, some kinds of general waste may not be collected by local garbage collectors. Businesses usually have to turn to companies like Wastege for commercial waste collection so their waste can be disposed of properly. 

  • It's worth noting that it is against the law to dispose of hazardous waste together with general waste. This can lead to fines and penalties. 

  • Corrosive, flammable, reactive, or toxic traits classify hazardous waste. These types of waste can pose severe environmental and human health risks. This means they need to be disposed of in a specific way to maintain good safety procedures. 

  • There are four different methods for disposing of hazardous waste, depending on the substance and amount of waste there is 

Methods of disposing of hazardous waste are

  • Recycling: Several hazardous wastes can be recycled to create new materials or products. Waste products like lead-acid batteries can be used as pavement fixtures by binding other pollutants together. 

  • Pyrolysis: High temperature under specific conditions that reduces the dangers of combustion. It is often used with potentially explosive materials like PCBs, pesticides, and organic waste such as fertilizer. 

  • Incineration or destruction: Using heat to destroy a hazardous material can help to reduce the amount of hazardous residue and can also generate new energy in the process 

  • Landfill or treatment plant: If there are no other alternative options available, certain hazardous wastes will be disposed of at a landfill site or a specialist treatment facility 

Why is proper waste management critical?

Proper waste disposal is critical to achieving good health and safety outcomes and preserving cleanliness in our environment. Therefore, it's essential to handle any kind of trash responsibly. Hazardous waste disposal requires special attention and needs to meet specific health and safety protocols. Failure to do so may pose a risk of harm or contamination, so it's important to take the necessary steps to dispose of hazardous materials properly. When dealing with any form of hazardous waste, it is vital to ensure that the correct management procedures are followed to promote professional standards of cleanliness, health, and safety. That's why by instructing a specialist waste management company like Wastege, you can rest assured that your hazardous refuse and litter will be disposed of correctly and safely. 

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